What is it to 'Toggle?'

Let's jump right in.


There's a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Famous saying that, and one which I guess sums up the internet. There's always a place for that special interest you might have (Peruvian goat herding, Teapots of the 1970's...) It's all there.

Or is it?

Because you can spend hours browsing, scrolling and flicking and then something odd happens - that information you're looking for really isn't there, or if it is its in a format that doesn't really engage you - doesn't meet your needs.

I found this with three elements of my life that had come together. Photography, family and getting out and about. They're all important to me, but I couldn't find anywhere on the internet which covered all of them together. 


Sure, there are thousands of sites for photographers, but they're a bit geeky (chromatic aberration anyone?) and po-faced. None of them seemed to be designed to actually inspire you to use your camera and feeling good about it i.e where to go with it, what to do with it, how to get those great shots whilst having a fun day out with the kids without them being a bit simplistic, or patronising or even a little snooty.

So, I thought - I'll do it myself. And Toggle was born.

But what is it to 'Toggle?' Well, simply put it's 3 things: People, Places and Pictures. It’s about getting out there and taking them. About finding new experiences to shoot. About getting the ones you love captured having a great time then sharing it all and inspiring others.

To Toggle is also about being in the moment and your mental well being. About having a hobby and a passion that you love that is creative, fun - and frankly - good for the soul.

So Toggle isn't just a blog, but a destination with bells on. Here you'll find out real-life stories of cool places to visit around the UK and beyond to take your camera - be it DSLR, Mirrorless or (gasp!) iPhone - and take great pics. 

Part news, part travel blog, part lifestyle, part real-world reviews, but all about having a camera as an integral part of your living - documenting all the fun you and your family have as you go through life (with a lens).

Grab camera, have experience, take picture. Doesn't matter if it's DSLR, Mirrorless or iPhone, you can still Toggle it.

Sure, there's kit reviews - but they're real and honest with proper pictures taken with the gear to get you excited. Yes, there'll be interviews and  special features, but it won't be about f-stops and or expensive lighting setups, but inspirational experiences and joys of capturing a great image as you step out the front door.

But we've talked too long - lets load up that SD card, take off that lens cap (you've done that, right?) and get out there. We've got big plans and this is just the start.

Let's Toggle it.