It's in your court. Hanging out in Hampton.

You know those places you can't believe you've never been? And then you go? I seem to be making a bit of a habit of that of late. 

This weekend's family and camera trip (I really do need a theme for that...) was Hampton Court, which certainly fulfilled the criteria for history high jinks for the Nipper and loads of lovely photogenic stuff for Dad.

The weather was a bit mixed so I didn't get some of the light I would have liked, but the inner areas of the house threw up some great interior shots. As per usual the low light superstar Sony 35 f1.4 held firm indoors and when I need to get wide the Zeiss 25mm came into its own.

We didn't see everything at Hampton (didn't have time for its legendary maze) but it's worth a visit - however, we did feel it's a bit spendy: probably priced for the poor old tourist.

Anyway - on with the pics!