Bang! Pow! Ally Pally!

Thinking this year for Bonfire night was - go hard or go home.

There's nothing wrong with the local municipal display - actually, ours are rather good - but for once, London's historic Alexandra Palace called. I don't think there's anywhere else in the country that you can get this level of bang for buck - lasers, ten tonnes of fireworks, amusement rides, people in inexplicable outfits with flamethrowers and a stonking tunes mix from DJ Yoda. Immense.

The family had a great time (massive pizza and waffles might have helped in one case) and we'll be going back again. 

Photo wise, I seemed to end up with a lot of people shots - no bad thing - and i was pretty pleased with the handheld firework images, as anything without a tripod in this situation is pretty much a crap shoot ;-)

Tech corner:
Most lenses in use, including the Zeiss 85 and 25 combo plus the Sony Zeiss 35. The A7RII did an admirable job in the mostly non-existant light.