Culture Vultures.

Lucky old me, I've gained a photographer's assistant. 

She doesn't actually have a wage, so i guess I'm one of those terrible arts employers gaming the system and preying on unpaid interns. But then, on the other hand, I am her Dad.

Both Sony'ed up, my new able assistant journeyed with me into town on Saturday for a day of cultural delights. Well, almost. We started by checking out the new Westfield extension (middle-class John Lewis jollies for me, Flying Tiger for her) so that was pretty low-brow, but dragging ourselves up out of the gutter we headed to The British Museum. 

Packed as ever (that cheap pound is to blame for everything), after a spell getting some shots around the always photogenic Great Court area, it was decided that the Mummies were the main event so we hit the 3rd floor first for some deep Egyptian cuts, followed by a wheel around Rome and then Sutton Hoo, which I'd forgotten about until just about then.

It sounds a bit space cadet, but It's easy just wandering around to forget how important and just how ancient everything is - you do end up a little in awe.

After some lunch (and a bit of people snapping), we walked down to the Lego Store at Leicester Square which has something for everyone although I restrained myself from spanking £650 on the Millennium Falcon. Just about. 

Outside the house of bricks, is the fabled Swiss Glockenspiel which has luck would have it was kicking off. Seriously, that thing is mental loud. Managed to get some shots of some hugely confused and frighted tourists though. 

Next stop was The National Portrait Gallery, which for my sins I'd never actually visited. I have no idea why as it's fab and as a bonus, it has an excellent cafe which my new assistant reliably informs me does an amazing chocolate cake. 

So, it turns out the new staff (despite rapidly developing a keen eye for composition thus being the future of Creative Arts Britain PLC) are actually quite expensive - lunch, cake and Lego sets.

Good job both these excellent museums are still free. Long may that continue.


Note: this blog post first appeared on the Worsfold Photos site.


Tech Corner:
Lots of the Sony 55 for this trip, with the odd moment of Batis 25/85 thrown in.