What's Toggle?

We get this a lot. For a long form and definative answer to that question go here. If you mean, what is 'toggle' the word means - well, shorthand slang for photographer is 'togger' so if you combine that thought with the action of turning something off and on (toggling), we thought it was a neat name to sum up getting turned on by photography!

What's the 'Beta' bit on the logo about?

So, instead of spending an age getting the website 'just so', we're in the Beta phase which means we'll be adding stuff/taking stuff out until we're happy with a v1 of Toggle. Think of it like moving into a new house and moving the furniture around until you're happy. And then going to Homebase nine times in one day.

Are you paid by manufacturers or brands for reviews?

Broadly speaking, no. Our editorial outlook is to review a product, brand or experience to our own viewpoint and how we think it would serve or be enjoyed by our readership. If we do take part in any paid reviews we'll be clear about this right up front with a 'sponsored by', but even then we'll be honest about what we think.

Can I write/blog for you?

Let's talk!


Haven't i seen this content somewhere else?

Quite possibly. Toggle grew out of the blog on Worsfold.photos

Once it became clear that as much time was being spent talking about where we going to take photos and what was going on as opposed to just the photography itself - this is where Toggle was born.

So, as we grow all this content will be Toggle only but to start we're porting over some more Toggle-centric material to get going. We'll make clear where it's older stuff so you know.

Can i suggest where you should go?

That's a bit rude! Seriously though, yes if it's in the UK and you've found somewhere that would be good to be toggled then give us a shout. We'd love to hear more.

Can i read your GDPR and privacy policy?

Really? We've got much more interesting stuff on here than that! But ok, if you really want to.